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A skilled workforce with 21st Century skills is critical to our region’s well-being and business success. In today’s innovation-driven, knowledge-based economy, access to a highly educated, skilled, and trained workforce is vital. Therefore, the quality of our education system is of the utmost importance and developing a talented workforce begins in our classrooms.

Skills in Scranton seeks to align and connect business and industry leaders with local school districts to provide students with career readiness and resources designed to develop a strong talent pipeline pathway.

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Educator in the Workplace

Educator in the Workplace is a flagship program for career readiness and talent pipeline development. This program connects our youth to local businesses and economic development partners, to gain exposure to diverse workplaces, and develop an understanding of current and future workforce trends.

Participating educators are provided experiences interacting directly with industry and business leaders to learn about industry trends, needs and opportunities to enhance their classroom instruction, student learning and career readiness.

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Workforce Wednesday

Each week member businesses are interviewed on their open positions, company culture, benefits and more. Workforce Wednesday is free to all Chamber members, live streamed and shared across social media.

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Workforce Summit &
Career Fair

The Workforce Summit and Career Fair connects local employers and job seekers, as well as host engaging presentations with high-priority industries like manufacturing, building construction and trades, and service. In between sessions, attendees can learn about career opportunities with local employers and receive free resume writing and interviewing assistance.

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Small Business Internship Fund

Internships play a critical role in a business’s ability to access and build the talent pipeline. The Small Business Internship Fund was launched in 2019 to establish a college internship program designed to place our “best and brightest” students in Chamber member businesses. Through the Fund, eligible small business participants can receive matching funds per student for both Traditional and Micro Internships. If you are a student looking for a paid internship opportunity, Skills in Scranton can connect you with a member business.

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Apprenticeships are innovative training programs that allow employers to develop and prepare their future workforce while providing individuals with a learn-while-you-earn approach to career development. The benefits from apprenticeship programs are immense and widespread. Apprenticeship improves the skills of the American workforce and enhances the efficiency and productivity of American industries.