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About the program

Educator in the Workplace seeks to enhance classroom instruction, student learning, and career readiness for the workplace of today and tomorrow by connecting educators and school board directors with local business and industry leaders.

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Business:
A Hybrid Learning Experience

Educator in the Workplace seeks to align and connect business and industry leaders with local school districts, the career and technical center, and the local intermediate unit. Program participants will connect both in-person and virtually with colleagues from regional school districts during the 2023/2024 School Year. Through the program, participants are provided experiences interacting directly with industry and business leaders to learn about industry trends, needs, and opportunities to enhance their classroom instruction, student learning, career readiness, and peer networking.

Program details:

*Sessions require mandatory attendance. Program participants are required to attend a minimum of two Business Sector Tours of their choice. Enrolled participants will receive Act 48 credit hours.

For Educators

Who can apply?

What will I be doing?


Next steps:

  1. Apply to participate
  2. Complete the 2023 Educator in the Workplace application. Applications can be completed and submitted online by clicking here

Educators play an important role in connecting students of all ages to the world of work. The Chamber’s role is to provide opportunities and resources to strengthen an educator’s ability to guide students in making informed career and education decisions.

For Businesses

Businesses can gain a better understanding of what is being taught in the classroom and gain valuable insight from experienced teachers. Educators can gain a more robust understanding of the technical skills, behaviors, and mindsets students need to be successful in today’s professional environment. The Educators in the Workplace experience seeks to ensure K-12 students are being taught the essential knowledge and skills, as well as guidance to prepare them for the workplace of today and tomorrow.


What will I be doing?

Prior to the program, businesses are asked to identify the opportunities and challenges related to hiring, training, promoting, and retaining workforce. All business hosts will receive guidance and a variety of resources and materials to develop your experience.

To provide a meaningful experience to the educators, businesses are asked to: 

Next steps: If you are a business interested in applying to be a business host, please submit this form by clicking here.

If you are an interested in becoming a program participant or business host and would like to learn more about this program, contact Emily Pettinato, workforce development specialist at or (570) 342-7711, Ext 138.