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Quality Assurance

A Quality Assurance Specialist checks the implementation of the quality system and conducts quality assurance audits. He or she creates and implements well defined standards, procedures and methods that reduce variation to ensure a repeatable result within the manufacturing process. The goal is to produce a finished product that meets all industry standards, ideally without testing or inspection.

About Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality assurance (QA) is the term used in both manufacturing and service industries to describe the systematic efforts taken to ensure that the product(s) delivered to customer(s) meet with the contractual and other agreed upon performance, design, reliability, and maintainability expectations of that customer. The core purpose of Quality Assurance is to prevent mistakes and defects in the development and production of both manufactured products, such as automobiles and shoes, and delivered services, such as automotive repair and athletic shoe design.

Key Tasks

  • Preparing and implementing quality assurance policies and procedures
  • Performing routine inspections and quality tests
  • Identifying and resolving workflow and production issues
  • Ensure that standards and safety regulations are observed
  • Address and discuss issues and proposed solutions with superiors
  • Document quality assurance activities and create audit reports
  • Make recommendations for improvement
  • Create training materials and operating manuals

Key Skills

  • Leadership
  • Organizational and planning
  • Communication, both verbal and written
  • Statistical analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Industry-specific technical knowledge

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree, but master’s degrees are common in this field
  • Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma
  • Agile and/or Scrum methodologies
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Training in Quality Risk Management (QRM) tools

Local College/University Programs

  • University of Scranton

Industry Sector Employers

  • Aramark
  • Noble Biomaterials
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Barry Callebaut
  • Pennsylvania American Water
  • Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • PPL Electric Utilities
  • Enzyme Development Corp.
  • General Dynamics Land Systems
  • UGI Utilities, Inc.
  • *List above shows a sampling of sector employers and is not limited to the list above.